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Lights! Cameras! Faith in Action!

Catholic film makers! This is your chance to get your work seen by viewers around the world and show your passion for our Catholic faith. Watch the video, then check out the info on this page to find out more!
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Filmmakers: EWTN wants to see you put your Catholic Faith in Action into EWTN’s upcoming Cool 2B Catholic Commercial Contest. Here’s how!

1)  Start off your project by clicking here to receive your FREE film kit, which includes guidelines, release forms, and resources to help you begin filming! *

2)  Create a 30 or 60 second Commercial Spot Reflecting EWTN’s Mission

3)  Construct a creative tagline no more than 6 words that Promotes EWTN’s Mission and Message.

4)  Completed film submissions will be accepted online from October 1, 2019 through April 1, 2020.

* - Subject to change. Click here for complete OFFICIAL RULES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

“The Church needs you, your enthusiasm, your creativity and the joy that is so characteristic of you.”
- Pope Francis

Be a Grand Prize Winner!

ONE person* from each of the winning entry groups below will be selected for a roundtrip ticket to be on an EWTN TV show. Food and lodging will be provided for their stay while they wait to debut their commercial to our viewers around the world as special guests on an EWTN show.

The qualifications for each group are as follows:

  • HIGH SCHOOL Entry:  must be currently enrolled in grades 9-12 and is 14-19 years of age.
  • COLLEGE Entry:  must be currently enrolled in any undergraduate or master's level program in college, and is 18-25 years of age.
  • FILM SCHOOL Entry:  must be currently enrolled in an accredited film school.

*Minors will be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

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“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.”
- St. Pope John Paul II

Example Topics

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Adoration: The Eucharist is central to Catholicism—show the world why Catholics know it to be the real presence of Jesus Christ and worthy of Adoration.
Family dfff23fe645ae3e848bc4a758cfd8c704eea058cc0d3cda45aeb02e391275485
Family: With the recent challenges to the definition of marriage and family, let your spot speak for what family truly means.
Prolife 2695eaf1fc6c2ede81bb9922cb4b730986f06dc3776806d50ee23880b12496fc
Pro-life: The Church’s stance on the value of life from womb to tomb needs to be heard. Counter the secular world’s view on abortion or euthanasia with your faith and creativity.
Church ea650ddc250eed8daac0db9c0359f2da234fced66c4d723e9c11a155be1f8ca8
The Church: A church interiors will make for beautiful settings, but its true beauty shines its mission, message, and role of her people.
Devotions 3240cc175ebab3ca9dfa0b4cc1fac6f7bd47326d417525cdbae8c1b05f0d4b9d
Devotions: Between school, work, family and social obligations—we’re constantly on the go. Show the strength that comes from taking time to find God in a quiet moment.
Challenges 845ecd77ad874a46cac535e565318cf6121f896593fb51fe4248c5401671a53a
Challenges: It’s not always easy being Catholic. Draw from your personal experience and discuss some of the challenges you’ve faced living out your faith

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